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Blend of deca- +‎ anniversary.


decaversary (plural decaversaries)

  1. (informal, rare) The tenth anniversary of something.
    • 2003, Albert Goldbarth, Combinations of the Universe, Ohio State University Press (2003), ISBN 9780814209257, page 122:
      where Rick and Dara took their vows. The priest
      was good, and the cake was good, and the wine so kickass special
      that they saved a liter to share on their decaversary.
    • 2010, "VICS still in the mix", Global Times, 7 May 2010:
      In an anniversary event perhaps second only to the 60th birthday celebrations of the People's Republic, Beijing nightclub stalwart VICS begins a month-long celebration of it's[sic] "decaversary" this weekend with a series of events designed to confirm its position as the city's leading drunken experience.
    • 2011, Susan Segal, "Coast Calendar", Coast Magazine, October 2011:
      The annual summer concert series is marking its decaversary by bringing back blink-182, the inaugural artist from the first Honda Civic Tour in 2001, along with My Chemical Romance, for a 40-plus date nationwide.