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From Middle French déclaratif



declarative (not comparable)

  1. (grammar, of a verb, sentence, or mood) Expressing truth.
    • 2016, Irina Nikolaeva, “Analyses of the semantics of mood”, in Jan Nuyts and Johan van der Auwera, editors, The Oxford Handbook of Modality and Mood, Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0199591431, page 69:
      Palmer (1986:26–28) suggested that all languages have a clear way of indicating that the speaker is making a statement which (s)he believes to be true. Such statements are usually expressed by the declarative grammatical structure and the respective mood is called either "declarative" or "indicative"...
  2. (programming) That declares a construct.

Usage notes[edit]

In some linguistic models, indicative and declarative are synonyms. In others, the declarative mood and interrogative mood are distinct types of indicative mood.