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From de- +‎ clutter +‎ -ing. Compare declutter (attested later).


decluttering (countable and uncountable, plural declutterings)

  1. The act or process of removing clutter; tidying, removing unwanted or messy items from a given place. [from 20th c.]
    • 2010 October 2, Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian:
      The decluttering trend is nothing new, and has much to recommend it, but every week now seems to bring a fresh example of what ascetics might once have called the renunciation of possessions […].
    • 2014, Lauren Rosenfeld, Melva Green, Breathing Room, page 14:
      Decluttering is an act of compassion—for yourself and for others, because it frees you from draining influences so you can give yourself over fully to what you love and care for.
    Synonym: declutter

Derived terms[edit]



  1. present participle and gerund of declutter