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Latin deliquescens, present participle of deliquesco; de + liquesco (I melt): compare French déliquescent.


deliquescent (comparative more deliquescent, superlative most deliquescent)

  1. (chemistry) Absorbing moisture from the air and forming a solution.
    deliquescent salts
  2. (botany) Branching so that the stem is lost in branches, as in most deciduous trees.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Gray to this entry?)
  3. melting; disappearing; seeming to deliquesce.
    • 1993, John Banville, Ghosts
      Yes, laugh, as I want to laugh for instance in the concert hall when the orchestra trundles to a stop and the virtuoso at his piano, hunched like a demented vet before the bared teeth of this enormous black beast of sound, lifts up deliquescent hands and prepares to plunge into the cadenza.