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Clipping of delicious.


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  • Rhymes: -ɪʃ


delish (comparative more delish, superlative most delish)

  1. (slang) delicious
    • 2007, David Else, England, page 144:
      Tom Aikens is the name of the notorious kitchen firebrand who runs this wonderful modern European restaurant where the setting is handsome and the food delish.
    • 2000, Kathryn Glasgow Stern, Another Song about the King: A Novel, page 262:
      "Ummm. Sounds delish." I don't know what to say; this is what comes out. "Yes, delish."
    • 1997, James Grippando, The Informant, page 239:
      Delish! I tried some crackers loaded with cheese and pâté. Double delish!
    • 1956, Julian Maclaren-Ross, The Funny Bone, page 36:
      Not that I want to rush you, but that'd be simply delish!