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From Ottoman Turkish درویش ‎(derviş), from Persian درویش ‎(darvīsh).


  • IPA(key): [ˈdɛrviʃ]
  • Hyphenation: der‧vis


dervis ‎(plural dervisek)

  1. Dervish, dervish


Inflection (plural in -ek, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative dervis dervisek
accusative dervist derviseket
dative dervisnek derviseknek
instrumental dervissel dervisekkel
causal-final dervisért dervisekért
translative dervissé dervisekké
terminative dervisig dervisekig
essive-formal dervisként dervisekként
inessive dervisben dervisekben
superessive dervisen derviseken
adessive dervisnél derviseknél
illative dervisbe dervisekbe
sublative dervisre dervisekre
allative dervishez dervisekhez
elative dervisből dervisekből
delative dervisről dervisekről
ablative dervistől dervisektől
Possessive forms of dervis
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. dervisem derviseim
2nd person sing. dervised derviseid
3rd person sing. dervise dervisei
1st person plural dervisünk derviseink
2nd person plural dervisetek derviseitek
3rd person plural dervisük derviseik

Derived terms[edit]