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Blend of dick +‎ hypnotized.


dickmatized (comparative more dickmatized, superlative most dickmatized)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Impressed by or obsessed with a penis.
    • 2011, Brenda L. Carruth, Lies and Betrayal, AuthorHouse (2011), ISBN 9781463454111, page 56:
      [] And this dick belongs to you whether you like it or not, babygirl.” All I could do is look at him with a big smile on his face . . . like he just had me dickmatized.
    • 2012, Becci Fox, Confessions of an Essex Girl: A Smart, Sexy and Scandalously Funny Expose, Pan Books (2012), ISBN 9781447213024, unnumbered page:
      I'd come to the conclusion that Ben had one hundred per cent dickmatized me, and to break the trance I needed to start calling the shots again when it came to blokes.
    • 2013, Christopher Koehler, Settling the Score, Dreamspinner Press (2013), ISBN 9781623804435, pages 21-22:
      He glanced at Jonathan where the sheet had fallen away from him. Oh yeah. Dickmatized.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:dickmatized.