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documentary +‎ -an
document +‎ -arian


documentarian (plural documentarians)

  1. A person whose profession is to create documentary films.
    • 2015, Merritt Mecham, The Documentarian as tourist: travel and representation in documentary, Brigham Young University:
      As film tourism becomes a rising field of interest, this portion of documentary history is in danger of repetition unless documentarians utilize the nobler ideas of documentary in order to cultivate a deeper understanding between people, filmmaker, and audience.
  2. A person who writes software documentation.
    • 1976, Joseph T. Rigo, Personal initiative only way to learn documentation?, Computerworld - September 20 1976, page 19:
      After you have gone through all these steps, you are ready to tackle your company's documentation problems. You have also become an experienced systems documentarian...
    • 1981, Larry E. Long, What makes a DP author different?, Computerworld - October 12 1981, page 41:
      Have you considered hiring a technical writer or documentarian to assist in the production of user manuals?
  3. A person who cares about communication and documentation.
    • 2013, Troy Howard, Eric Redmond, Eric Holscher Documentarians, Write the Docs:
      Expanding the meaning of documentarian to include folks of any job title is important. Historically, people writing documentation might be called either a tech writer or a programmer, but there wasn’t a name for someone who cares about communication and documentation. We hope to change this.
    • 2016, Jennifer deWinter, Ryan M. Moeller, Computer Games and Technical Communication: Critical Methods and Applications at the Intersection, Routledge, page 24:
      ...the developer with an aptitude for or an interest in writing assumes the task of documentarian.
    • 2018, Jonathan Glassman, Build your Docs career event: our recap, UK Government Digital Service:
      I recently co-organised the Build your Docs career conference together with the Write the Docs (WTD) community. This was the fourth collaboration between the organisations and focused on the technical writing profession ... The talks provided lots of practical advice on how we can, as documentarians, learn in such a way as to maximise our potential for development in the future.
  4. (sometimes attributive, theology) Somebody who advocates the documentary hypothesis.



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