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A dogleg (sense 1) is something with a sharp bend or turn in it, like the distinctive shape of the hind leg of a dog.
A dogleg staircase (sense 1.1) in Mentmore Towers, Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, England, UK.
Diagrams showing doglegs (sense 1.2) in holes in golf courses. The one on the left is called a dogleg left, and the other a dogleg right.
The standard warning sign for a dogleg intersection (sense 2) in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

The noun is derived from dog +‎ leg, referring to the shape of the hind leg of a dog.[1] The verb is derived from the noun.[2]



dogleg (plural doglegs)

  1. (also attributively) Something (such as a canyon or road) with a sharp bend or turn in it.
    1. (architecture) A configuration of stairs where a flight ascends to a half-landing before turning 180 degrees and continuing upwards.
    2. (golf, disc golf) A sharp bend in the fairway before reaching a hole.
  2. (US, also attributively) A single intersection consisting of two opposing T-junctions in close proximity; an intersection with a staggered cross street.
    • 1962 May 1, Carter, Arthur A., Jr., Increasing the Traffic-Carrying Capability of Urban Arterial Streets: The Wisconsin Avenue Study[1], Washington, D.C.: Bureau of Public Roads, page 39:
      The Q Street crossing of Wisconsin Avenue is an extreme example of such a location, the dog-leg itself being so long, about 150 feet, that in reality two T intersections exist.
    • 2009 July 1, Gateway Boulevard Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement[2], Washington, D.C.: Federal Highway Administration, page 3-6:
      At 4th Avenue and Korean Veterans Boulevard, the completion of Gateway Boulevard would correct the existing dog-leg intersection with Franklin Street.



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dogleg (third-person singular simple present doglegs, present participle doglegging, simple past and past participle doglegged)

  1. (intransitive) To bend in the shape of the hind leg of a dog, especially to turn and then turn back sharply to the original direction.
    • 2004 August 30, The New Yorker, New York, N.Y.: New Yorker Magazine Inc., →ISSN, →OCLC, page 48, column 2:
      When the causeway doglegs and all of a sudden you spot sixteen roller coasters in the same place, it can take your breath away.



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