don't shit where you eat

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don't shit where you eat

  1. (idiomatic, vulgar) One should not cause trouble in a place, group, or situation in which one regularly finds oneself, as it will likely backfire
    • 1994 April 14, Nelson Navarro, “Ever faithful, ever true”, in Manila Standard, Philippines, retrieved 12 August 2011:
      The guiding principle is Don't shit where you eat. Office romances are always destructive of morale and objectivity.
    • 2003 October 8, Jonathan Valania, “Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Pussy”, in Philadelphia Weekly, retrieved 12 Aug. 2011:
      Limbaugh was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at the NAB convention in, of all places, Philadelphia, thus violating the cardinal law of the animal kingdom: Don't shit where you eat.
    • 2006 September 19, Michael Musto, “NY Mirror”, in Village Voice, retrieved 12 August 2011:
      Mitchell refused to indulge in on-set romances with either gender. "You don't shit where you eat," he told me, plainly.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often used as a warning of the dangers of workplace romances.



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