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doss (third-person singular simple present dosses, present participle dossing, simple past and past participle dossed)

  1. (intransitive, Britain and Ireland) To avoid work, shirk, etc.
    I am going to doss tomorrow when the match is on.
  2. (intransitive, Britain, slang) To sleep in the open or in a derelict building because one is homeless
    I normally have to doss in shop doorways or park benches.


doss (plural dosses)

  1. (slang) The avoidance of work.
    I am going to have a doss tomorrow.
  2. (slang) An easy piece of work.
    Circumnavigating the world in a canoe is no doss.
  3. (slang, dated) A place to sleep in; a bed.
  4. (slang, dated, by extension) Sleep.

From Collins dictionary. From Latin "dorsum" the back.


doss (not comparable)

  1. (Scotland) Useless or lazy. Generally combined with expletive noun, especially cunt.
    Get a hauld o yersel, ye doss cunt!
  2. (Scotland) Good, desirable.
    The place is pure doss, likes.

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