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drop-off (plural drop-offs)

  1. A sudden downward slope.
    1. The precipitous outer side of a coral reef, facing the open sea.
  2. A sudden decrease.
    There has been an unexplained drop-off in sales this quarter.
  3. A delivery; the act of leaving a package, etc.
    • 2014, K. G. MacGregor, Anyone But You:
      Starting tomorrow, they'd do dropoffs and pickups instead of leaving their vehicles unguarded.
  4. (especially US) A space reserved outside a bus or railway station for vehicles stopping to drop off passengers for onward transit.
    • 2020 May 20, “Network News: Plan submitted for £18.6 million station at Soham”, in Rail, page 21:
      Fifty car parking spaces, a drop-off point, five spaces for blue badge holders and lighting masts are all included in the plan, as is cycle parking on the station forecourt and ticket vending machines.
  5. A time during which passengers, such as school children, are dropped off.
    • 2021 February 1, Living in Brisbane, Brisbane, page 1:
      These signs are friendly reminders for road users to slow down during drop-off and pick-up.
  6. (Internet) A visitor to a website who ceases to continue using and navigating around the site after reaching some specified page; or such an act of cessation.
    We're seeing a lot of drop-offs on the shop product pages; why aren't people making purchases?


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