drop the f-bomb

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Alternative forms[edit]


drop the f-bomb

  1. (idiomatic, euphemistic) To utter the word fuck.
    • 1999, Lisa Olsen, "Good Guys Wear Black," New York Daily News, 16 June (retrieved 3 Jan. 2009):
      I swear to God, I've never heard David (Robinson) or Avery (Johnson) swear. I sometimes sit down and think, "Gosh, I've never heard them drop the F-bomb."
    • 2003, "For The Record," MTV.com. 19 Dec.:
      It's fitting that Clay Aiken, a man who rarely, if ever, drops the f-bomb, topped the list of the Ten Best-Mannered People of 2003.
    • 2006, June 25, Joel Achenbach, "Dropping the F-bomb", The Washington Post, p. B01:
      From hip-hop artists to bloggers to the vice president of the United States, everyone's dropping the F-bomb.