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Etymology 1[edit]

A Caribbean patois word, of West African origin.


duppie (plural duppies)

  1. Alternative spelling of duppy

Etymology 2[edit]

Blend of depressed +‎ yuppie.


duppie (plural duppies)

  1. An urban professional suffering from depression, especially one who has lost a high-paying job and been forced to take up lower-paying work.
    • 2003, Leslie Haggin Geary, "Here come the 'Duppies' ", CNN/Money, 17 June 2003:
      Older Duppies who've lived through previous layoffs seem prepared for the emotional and financial shifts that a protracted job loss can bring.
    • 2003, Rene A. Guzman, "Overeducated and underemployed", San Antonio Express-News, 18 July 2003:
      In recent months, the founder and director of Life Transitions career counseling and life coaching in San Antonio has seen plenty of duppies struggle with escalating debts and depression.
      "The reality may be that they might have to take on what we call a 'stop-loss job,'" Lincoln says, referring to a lower-paying position the typical duppie once scoffed at.
    • 2004, Joyce Lain Kennedy, "Learning To Read Is Essential", Sun Sentinel, 19 April 2004:
      In fact, I've seen the term "duppies," which means depressed urban professionals who take jobs at a lower level than their old employment. But, as you recognize, duppies can pass through more hiring portals because they can read.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:duppie.



  • IPA(key): /ˈdʏ.pi/
  • Hyphenation: dup‧pie
  • Rhymes: -ʏpi


From dubbeltje.


duppie n (plural duppies)

  1. (colloquial, Netherlands) dubbeltje
    Synonyms: beisje, dubbeltje