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dweeb +‎ -let


dweeblet (plural dweeblets)

  1. (slang, sometimes pejorative) A young or unimportant dweeb.
    • 1992, Sassy, page 188:
      Dear Margie: While I thought most of your article on intelligence ["You're Smarter than You Think," May] was very enlightening, I was rather insulted by your closing statement that people who do well in school are "uncreative dweeblets."
    • 1994, Maximum Rocknroll, Issue 137, unknown page:
      Pseudo-droid braindead dweeblets bore them.
    • 2003, Business 2.0, Volume 4, page 73:
      "I've wanted to do something like this since seventh grade," he admits, remembering hours spent in the company of fellow dweeblets at the keyboard of a clunky old PDP-11 mainframe, navigating the virtual dungeons of the text-based game Adventure []