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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English dwemercraft, from Old English dweomercræft (magic; sorcery), equivalent to dweomer +‎ -craft. More at dweomer/dwimmer, craft.



dweomercraft (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Magic; magical arts; jugglery.
    • 1992, Rose Estes, Elfwood:
      There was an ominous tendency among people who considered themselves "upper class" to dismiss the art he practiced as well as all the other elements of Dweomercraft. It was frightening.
    • 1994, Katharine Kerr, Darkspell:
      As he always did when confronted by his old teacher in dweomercraft, Salamander felt profoundly guilty, even though this time he'd done nothing wrong.
    • 2008, Jane MacNamee, In Her Element: Women and the Landscape - An Anthology:
      It used to be known for dweomercraft, the craft of healers, magicians, those who know spells, those who know the sourcery of words.