dye in the wool

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dye in the wool (third-person singular simple present dyes in the wool, present participle dying in the wool, simple past and past participle dyed in the wool)

  1. (fabrication) To dye woolen fibers before they are spun into thread.
    • 1838, The Saturday magazine, volume XII, page 108
      The circumstance mentioned in the last two lines shows that it was usual to dye in the wool, as is sometimes done in England.
    • 1896, House Beautiful, page 20
      Next comes the dyeing; though when indigo is used, it is better to dye "in the wool" before carding.
    • 1957, Mary E. Black, New Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand Weaving for the Beginning Weaver, page 505:
      Therefore, it will be seen that it is easier and a timesaver to "dye-in-the-wool."

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