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dys- +‎ Ancient Greek πέψις (pépsis, digestion) +‎ -ia


  • (UK) IPA(key): /dɪsˈpɛp.si.ə/
  • (file)


dyspepsia (countable and uncountable, plural dyspepsias)

  1. (pathology) Any mild disorder of digestion, characterised by stomach pain, discomfort, heartburn and nausea, often following a meal.
    • He divides dyspepsias into accidental, temporary (indigestions) and habitual.
    • 1842, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Lady Anne Granard, volume 2, page 253:
      It is not my strength of mind (exert it as I may) that will prevent me from experiencing dyspepsia, if such follies as these are exhibited before me.
    • 1926, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Land of Mist[1]:
      "And the cramps when my body - like a badly articulated skeleton - would all get twisted into one rigid tangle! But now, except some dyspepsia and urticaria of the palms, I am free from pain."
    • 1960, P[elham] G[renville] Wodehouse, chapter XII, in Jeeves in the Offing, London: Herbert Jenkins, OCLC 1227855:
      I've never hunted myself, but I understand that half the battle is being able to make noises like some jungle animal with dyspepsia, and I believe that Aunt Dahlia in her prime could lift fellow-members of the Quorn and Pytchley out of their saddles with a single yip, though separated from them by two ploughed fields and a spinney.


Derived terms[edit]




Internationalism (see English dyspepsia).



  1. (pathology) dyspepsia

Usage notes[edit]

This term is mainly used by the medical profession. In common language, dyspepsia is usually called ruoansulatushäiriö or ruoansulatusvaivat.


Inflection of dyspepsia (Kotus type 12/kulkija, no gradation)
nominative dyspepsia dyspepsiat
genitive dyspepsian dyspepsioiden
partitive dyspepsiaa dyspepsioita
illative dyspepsiaan dyspepsioihin
singular plural
nominative dyspepsia dyspepsiat
accusative nom. dyspepsia dyspepsiat
gen. dyspepsian
genitive dyspepsian dyspepsioiden
partitive dyspepsiaa dyspepsioita
inessive dyspepsiassa dyspepsioissa
elative dyspepsiasta dyspepsioista
illative dyspepsiaan dyspepsioihin
adessive dyspepsialla dyspepsioilla
ablative dyspepsialta dyspepsioilta
allative dyspepsialle dyspepsioille
essive dyspepsiana dyspepsioina
translative dyspepsiaksi dyspepsioiksi
instructive dyspepsioin
abessive dyspepsiatta dyspepsioitta
comitative dyspepsioineen
Possessive forms of dyspepsia (type kulkija)
possessor singular plural
1st person dyspepsiani dyspepsiamme
2nd person dyspepsiasi dyspepsianne
3rd person dyspepsiansa