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Alternative forms[edit]


From acquaintance, replacing ac- (ad) with e- (electronic), by analogy with e-mail


e-quaintance (plural e-quaintances)

  1. (Internet) a person known exclusively online, usually from instant messaging such as AIM, or through internet dating personals.
  2. (Internet) the state of knowing exclusively online


  • I've never had an e-quaintance die on me before."— [1]
  • Myself and a few other e-quaintances are still experiencing the prob although, in my case, I have successfully uploaded pics since about a fortnight ago when Support changed something at their end. — [2]
  • Searching for info on that carb system was my ticket to learn how to surf the net. You all have that car to blame for the misfortune of making my e-quaintance. — [3]

Related terms[edit]