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From Old Irish úachtar, óchtar ‎(top, surface, cream), from Proto-Celtic *ouxstero-, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₃ewp-s- ‎(high).


eaghtyr m ‎(genitive singular eaghtyragh, plural eaghtyryn)

  1. surface, top (of water)
    Haink yn snauean er ash er yn eaghtyr.‎ ― The float bobbed up again.
    Shey shiaghtooyn jeh eaghtyr ny cruinney, she ushtey sailjey.‎ ― Six sevenths of the world's surface is water.
    Ta'n eeast shoh snaue er eaghtyr ny marrey.‎ ― These fish swim on the top of the sea.
  2. overburden, superstructure

Derived terms[edit]


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