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eagle +‎ -ship


eagleship (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) The quality of being an eagle, or having qualities associated with those of an eagle.
    • 2008, Koyote Bare, The Atomic Bum, page 175:
      And, there was no mistaking his eagleship... He held himself regal and above it all, one of life's avid watchers... And perhaps one of its creators?
    • 1883, Samuel Richardson, Sir Leslie Stephen, The Works of Samuel Richardson: The history of Clarissa Harlowe, page 488:
      Thou knowest that I always illustrated my eagleship, by aiming at the noblest quarries ; and by disdaining to make a stoop at wrens, phyl-tits, and wag-tails.
    • 1881, George Meredith, The Tragic Comedians. Enlarged from The Fortnightly Review, page 15:
      We may ask it: an eagle is expected, and how is he to declare his eagleship save by breaking through our mean conventional systems, tearing links asunder, taking his own in the teeth of vulgar ordinances?