eau de nil

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From French eau de nil, from eau ‎(water) + de ‎(of) + Nil ‎(the Nile).

Alternative forms[edit]


eau de nil ‎(plural eau de nils)

  1. A pale yellowish green colour.
    eau de nil colour:    
    • 1968, Alan Burgess, The Word for Love, page 241,
      It was a sprawling town of upended concrete boxes tilting pastel rectangles up towards the hot sun: soft blues, prawn reds, pale chocolates, delicate eau de nils, primrose yellows [] .
    • 2000, Ciarán Carson, Fishing for Amber, page 143,
      Such colouring! — slate blues, coral pinks, pale amphitrites, the wet cobblestone blue of mussels, frail sea-forget-me-nots, anemone yellows and carmines, emeralds and eau-de-nils!
    • 2009, Debra Adelaide, The Household Guide to Dying, page 298,
      He had painted the ceiling and window and doorframes an aqua green, the walls eau-de-nil.


eau de nil

  1. Of a pale yellowish green colour.

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