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egyptology (plural egyptologies)

  1. Alternative spelling of Egyptology
    • 1978 April 8, “Tut Exhibit Brings Out Treasure Owners”, in Eugene Register-Guard, Eugene, OR:
      People who think they may have priceless Egyptian relics "are coming out of the wood work" as a result of the interest in egyptology which has accompanied the national tour of King Tut's treasures.
    • 1992, Victor Coelho, Music and science in the age of Galileo, page 102:
      from the popular corpus of sixteenth-century emblematics, bestiaries, encyclopedias, egyptologies, and the like.
    • 1993 June 5, “Richard Parker, 87, A Scholar at Brown In Egyptology, Dies”, in New York Times:
      Richard A. Parker, professor emeritus of egyptology at Brown University and an author and researcher on the subject, died on Thursday in Providence
    • 1994, Debra M. Kirby; Gita Siegman, (Please provide the book title or journal name), page 273:
      Thomas Eric Peet Travelling Prize To encourage study of egyptology and prehistory of the Mediterranean lands and the Near East.