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Piecu eiro paraugs


Adapted from euro (a reduced form of Europe), the winner of a contest open to the general public to propose names for the new European currency, with the initial eu replaced with ei, following the pattern of Europe : Eiropa.


  • IPA(key): [ɛìɾo]
  • (file)


eiro m (invariable)

  1. euro (name of the monetary units of the European Monetary Union or Eurozone within the European Union; symbol: )
    pieci eirofive euros
    grāmata maksā piecus eirothe book costs five euros
    eiro kurssthe exchange rate of the euro
    eiro ieviešana Latvijāthe introduction of the euro in Latvia

Usage notes[edit]

In Latvian official documents, the name of the currency (adopted in Latvia in 2014) has to remain euro, but in other cases the term eiro is used in spoken and written Latvian.

Related terms[edit]