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engineered (comparative more engineered, superlative most engineered)

  1. Produced by engineering; designed and manufactured according to an engineering methodology.
    • 1996, Christopher G. Powell, The British Building Industry Since 1800: An Economic History, page 205:
      One sense in which buildings were more engineered was that old bulk masonry forms were often replaced by calculated frame construction and light wall cladding. Buildings also were more engineered in the sense that thermal, ventilating and lighting provision were the subject of calculation and mechanical plant rather than hit-or-miss guesswork.
    • 2004, James Warner, Practical Handbook of Grouting: Soil, Rock, and Structures, page 531:
      The situation with grouting has begun to change in recent times, however, and several groups around the world have begun to take a more engineered approach. "More engineered" means more quantified, less subjective, less dependent on experience (or, more often, opinion, if one is honest) and something that can be explained to other engineers without the need for them to have 20 years' prior grouting experience.

Derived terms[edit]



  1. simple past and past participle of engineer