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See also: enta, entá, -enta, -entae, and -ență



  • IPA(key): [ˈe̞n̪t̪æ]
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: en‧tä



  1. what about?
    Minä lähden, entä sinä?
    I'll go, what about you?
    Sinulla on selvästi hauskaa, mutta entä minulla?
    You're obviously having a good time, but what about me?
    A: Pidätkö jalkapallosta? B: En. A: Entä koripallosta?
    A: Do you like football? B: No. A: What about basketball?
    Entä toinen maali!
    What about the second goal!
  2. what? (used to introduce a speculation or alternative proposition together with jos - "if"; see also what if)
    Entä jos eksyn matkalla laivaan?
    What if I get lost on my way to the ship?
    Entä jos Abraham Lincolnia ei olisi murhattu?
    What if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated?
    Entä jos mentäisiinkin elokuviin?
    What if we went to the movies instead?


Derived terms[edit]