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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English entermes (with the spelling changed to match modern French entremets, see entre + mets), from Old French entremes. (Not a doublet of intermezzo.) See enter and mess (provision of food) for more.



entremets (countable and uncountable, plural entremets)

  1. A side dish (often of vegetables), or a small dish of savories served between courses.
  2. A dessert.
    • 1879 December 5, George Augustus [Henry] Sala, “Fashion and Food in New York”, in America Revisited, volume I, London: Vizetelly & Co., published 1882, OCLC 715045365; 3rd edition, OCLC 2606268, page 90:
      I dined at Delmonico's hard by the Fifth-avenue Hotel, a few nights ago; and among the dainties which that consummate caterer favoured us with, was an entremet called an "Alaska." The "Alaska" is a baked ice. A beau mentir qui vient de loin; but this is no traveller's tale. The nucleus or core of the entremet is an ice cream. This is surrounded by an envelope of carefully whipped cream, which, just before the dainty dish is served, is popped into the oven, or is brought under the scorching influence of a red hot salamander; so that its surface is covered with a light brown crust.
    • 1884, Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert, Sweet Dishes: A Little Treatise on Confectionery and Entremets Sucrés:
      Elaborate entremets are composed with three, and even four, differently coloured and flavoured ices. [] This delicious entremets is a combination of four ices.

Derived terms[edit]


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  1. first-person singular present indicative of entremettre
  2. second-person singular present indicative of entremettre



entremets m (invariable)

  1. entremets