er ash

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er ash

  1. back, returned, returning
    Cha daink eh er ash as myr shen v'eh smooinit dy ve marroo.
    He did not come back and so he was thought dead.
    Chass eh er ash laa ny vairagh gyn sporran.
    He started back the next day minus his purse.
    Hie ad er ash raad haink ad voish.
    They went back to where they belonged.
    Higym er ash ec jeih er y chlag ec y chooid s'anmey.
    I'll come back at ten at the latest.
    Hug eh shilley stiagh 'sy çhapp er e raad er ash.
    He dropped into the shop on his way back.
  2. back, backwards
    Heeyn eh er ash 'sy chaair echey as yeeagh eh orrym.
    He leant back in his chair and looked at me.
    Lhie er ash.
    Lie back.
  3. ago


Derived terms[edit]