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From Ancient Greek ἐρώτημα (erṓtēma).


eroteme (plural erotemes)

  1. A question mark.
    • 1858, Goold Brown, The Grammar of English Grammars, fourth edition, Samuel S. and William Wood, page 798,
      The value of the eroteme as a sign of pause, is stated very differently by different grammarians.... J.S. Hart avers, that, "A question is reckoned as equal to a complete sentence, and the mark of interrogation as equal to a period."
    • 1913, Frank H. Vizetelly, The Preparation of Manuscripts for the Printer, 5th revised edition, Funk & Wagnalls Company, page 50:
      The note of interrogation or eroteme is used at the end of a sentence to designate (1) a single question or (2) more, and (3) is sometimes written in parentheses to express a doubt or challenge the accuracy of a statement.
    • 1965, Dmitri A. Borgmann, Language on Vacation: An Olio of Orthographical Oddities, Scribner, page 240:
      On the typewriter keyboard, just below the question mark (the eroteme, note of interrogation, or uncertainty sign), there appears a short, slanting stroke []

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