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Ancient Greek εὐρύς (eurús, wide) + φαγεῖν (phageîn, to eat).


euryphagous (comparative more euryphagous, superlative most euryphagous)

  1. (ecology) Feeding on a large variety of food.
    • 1988, November 25, “Jerry Sullivan”, in Field & Street[1]:
      Yellow-rumped warblers are euryphagous.

Usage notes[edit]

A euryphagous animal is not necessarily omnivorous; for example, although they are carnivorous, adult hake are euryphagous, in the sense that they feed on a wide variety of active prey, mainly horse mackerel, sardines, fishes of the families Myctophidae and Macrouridae and fishes of their own genus, apart from various crustaceans and Cephalopoda. In contrast, a stenophagous animal such as a koala feeds only on a few species of Eucalyptus leaves. The koala therefore is less euryphagous than an omnivore such as a human, but more euryphagous than a strictly stenophagous animal such as Aphytis melinus, which is an internal parasitoid of the species Aonidiella aurantii, California red scale, only.



Derived terms[edit]