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From ex- +‎ Scientologist.


ex-Scientologist (plural ex-Scientologists)

  1. A former Scientologist.
    • 2001, Linda Edwards, A Brief Guide to Beliefs: Ideas, Theologies, Mysteries, and Movements, Westminster John Knox Press, ISBN 978-0664222598, page 506:
      Training seminars such as est (an abbreviation of Erhard Seminar Training) are immersely popular. Founded by the ex-Scientologist, used car salesman, and encyclopedia salesman Werner Erhard in 1971, est is now known as the Forum, run by the Centers Network.
    • 2006 July 16, Matthew I. Pinzur; Rob Barry, “New school to open amid high hopes”, in The Miami Herald, Florida, page 1B:
      Landmark has its roots in Erhard Seminars Training, or est, the personal-growth program created in the 1970s by ex-Scientologist Werner Erhard.
    • 2012 October 7, Christian Boone, “Norcross drug facility under new scrutiny: Wrongful-death suit targets residential supervision claims”, in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, page B8:
      Critics contend Narconon facilities are arms of Scientology. Luke Catton, formerly president of Narconon Arrowhead and an ex-Scientologist, said Narconon International brings in roughly $1 million a week from a dozen facilities and funnels 10 percent to the Association for Better Living and Education, a Scientology-sponsored organization.
    • 2013 October 4, “Remini to testify against Church of Scientology in lawsuit”, in UPI NewsTrack, United Press International:
      U.S. actress Leah Remini is to document her experiences with the Church of Scientology in a deposition for a lawsuit against the organization, RadarOnline said. Monique Rathbun is suing the church and its leader, David Miscavige, for allegedly harassing her and her ex-Scientologist husband, Marty.