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exact science (plural exact sciences)

  1. (sciences, narrowly) A mathematical science, i.e. a field of science such as mathematics or mathematical physics which is capable of perfectly exact results based on rigorously formal methods.
  2. (sciences, broadly) A field of science such as physics or chemistry that is not perfectly exact, but still capable of highly quantitative results based on methods that are are not strictly rigorous, but still systematic and scrupulous.

Usage notes[edit]

Often used in the form of litotes when something is far from being an exact science.

    • 2013, Daniel Taylor, Andros Townsend calms England's nerves in taming of Montenegro (in The Guardian, 11 October 2013)[1]
      It is not an exact science, but if England can play with such distinction again then nobody should be too concerned about everything going horribly wrong.
    • 1967 Harry Levin, Why Literary Criticism Is Not an Exact Science (book title) (Harvard University Press)


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