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exclusion zone (plural exclusion zones)

  1. A geographic area in which some sanctioning authority prohibits specific activities, see also Restricted Area.
    • 2003, Jean-Pierre Rosen, Alfred Strohmeier, Reliable Software Technologies-Ada-Europe 2003, page 371
      Although the exclusion zone around each test case is the same for all inputs, the area of each zone decreases with successive attempts.
    • 2005, John Uhr, Terms of Trust: Arguments Over Ethics in Australian Government, page 169:
      On 7 April, Britain declared a maritime exclusion zone (subsequently upgraded to a total exclusion zone on 28 April) of 200 nautical miles around the Islands.
    • 2007, Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett, Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction, page 165
      If the demolition is to use explosives, an exclusion zone must be established at a distance from and surrounding the structure.
    Synonym: EZ
    Hyponym: no-fly zone