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expence (plural expences)

  1. Obsolete spelling of expense
    • John Goodman
      Now, I say, why Time should be so burthensome to such as these, or what should betray them to such infrugal Expences of it, I can give no account without making severe Reflexions on their Discretion.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Le Page Du Pratz, History of Louisiana, BiblioBazaar LLC (2006), ↑ISBN, page 88,
      I know it is no easy matter so to deepen or hollow the channel of a bar, that it may never after need clearing, and that the expences run high: but my zeal for promoting the advantage of this colony having prompted me to make reflections on those passes, or entrances of the Missisippi,[sic] and being perfectly well acquainted both with the country and the nature of the soil, I dare flatter myself, I may be able to accomplish it, to the great benefit of the province, and acquit myself therein with honour, at a small charge, and in a manner not to need repetition.
    • William Petty (1676)
      That one tenth part of the whole Expence, of the King of England's Subjects, is sufficient to maintain ten thousand Foot, forty thousand Horse, and forty thousand Men at Sea; and defray all other Charges of the Government both Ordinary and Extraordinary, if the same were regularly Taxed, and Raised. (William Petty 1676 - Political Arithmetick; edition 1899, p. 305)