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expence (plural expences)

  1. Obsolete spelling of expense
    • John Goodman
      Now, I say, why Time should be so burthensome to such as these, or what should betray them to such infrugal Expences of it, I can give no account without making severe Reflexions on their Discretion.
    • (Can we date this quote?) Le Page Du Pratz, History of Louisiana, BiblioBazaar LLC (2006), ISBN 1-4264-3406-5, page 88,
      I know it is no easy matter so to deepen or hollow the channel of a bar, that it may never after need clearing, and that the expences run high: but my zeal for promoting the advantage of this colony having prompted me to make reflections on those passes, or entrances of the Missisippi,[sic] and being perfectly well acquainted both with the country and the nature of the soil, I dare flatter myself, I may be able to accomplish it, to the great benefit of the province, and acquit myself therein with honour, at a small charge, and in a manner not to need repetition.