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From the verb förlägga, like German Verlag and verlegen


förlag n

  1. an investment, an expense, a kind of business enterprise where a large one-time production cost is financed upfront, by a förläggare (investor), resulting in a store supply, upplag (stock), which is later sold a piece over an extended time to regain the investment; typically applied to shipping and to book publishing, where the stock is called upplaga (edition)
    på författarens eget förlag
    at the author's own expense, i.e. self-publishing
  2. a publishing company (i.e. a company that regularly undertakes such ventures), a publisher, a publishing house


Declension of förlag 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative förlag förlaget förlag förlagen
Genitive förlags förlagets förlags förlagens

Usage notes[edit]

  • For gramophone records and film, these publishing companies are called skivbolag and filmbolag instead of förlag.

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