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From the verb förlägga, like German Verlag and verlegen.


förlag n

  1. an investment, an expense, a kind of business enterprise where a large one-time production cost is financed upfront, by a förläggare (investor), resulting in a store supply, upplag (stock), which is later sold a piece over an extended time to regain the investment; typically applied to shipping and to book publishing, where the stock is called upplaga (edition)
    på författarens eget förlag
    at the author's own expense, i.e. self-publishing
  2. a publishing company (i.e. a company that regularly undertakes such ventures), a publisher, a publishing house

Usage notes[edit]

  • For gramophone records and film, these publishing companies are called skivbolag and filmbolag instead of förlag.


Declension of förlag 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative förlag förlaget förlag förlagen
Genitive förlags förlagets förlags förlagens

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