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See also: fara, Fara, fára, fará, farà, fãrã, fără, and fårå


Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Norse fara, from Proto-Germanic *faraną.



fɑra (present fer or fær, preterite for, supine fyri or furi or förä, negated oförä or ofuri or ofyri, present participle fɑran, past participle fyri or furi or förä)

  1. (intransitive) to go
  2. (auxiliary verb) to begin
    han for fɑra spriint
    he started running
    je for no vol tröyt
    I did start to become tired
    kraka for a fḷau
    the crow flew away
  3. (with particle ɑt) to act, behave