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Alternative forms[edit]


face man (plural face men)

  1. A person who is used to present a good public face for an organization.
    • 1988, Allan R. Cohen, Effective behavior in organizations, page 485:
      I needed the title, because clients figured that I'm just a face-man. A face-man is a person who looks good, speaks well, and presents the work.
    • 2002, John O Whitney; Tina Packer, Power Plays: Shakespeare's Lessons in Leadership and Management, page 81:
      If you're not a master of high finance, find a loyal CFO; if you'd prefer to concentrate on operations and not press the flesh, find a face man.
    • 2007, Quentin R. Skrabec, George Westinghouse: gentle genius, page 123:
      Edison remained on the board but was a face man only reduced of any operating say. Most of the Board was made of Morgan men, with Thomson-Houston assuming key operating positions.