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family-friendly (comparative more family-friendly, superlative most family-friendly)

  1. Suitable for families consisting of parents and minor children.
    This family friendly paradise - with its giant snow slides, outdoor amphitheatre, and traditional winter activities - is the ideal destination for the young and old alike.
  2. Promoting the welfare of the family structure.
    • 2003 May 1, “Joint Report On Social Inclusion”, in Commission of the European Communities[1]:
      [...] reviewing the parental leave and maternity schemes and, finally, raising awareness of employers about the importance of creating a family-friendly working environment.
    • 2024 January 24, Dyan Perry talks to Nick Brodrick, “The industry has given me so much”, in RAIL, number 1001, page 43:
      It's phenomenal to have the family-friendly policies which give people much better work-life balance compared with where we were 37 years ago."
  3. (US) Devoid of material deemed inappropriate for children such as sexually-explicit text or images, use of profanity, or references to the use of illegal drugs.

Usage notes

  • Often used in a subjective context where the meaning is colored by the user's social, religious, cultural or political perspective on what constitutes appropriate content, activities, or support for families.

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