fashion parade

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fashion parade (plural fashion parades)

  1. An event at which a series of models display clothing in front of an audience.
    Synonym: fashion show
    • 1915, Bernarr Macfadden, Vitality Supreme, New York: Physical Culture Publishing, Chapter 9, p. 105,[1]
      Now to secure the real benefits that come from walking there should be no laziness about it. Do not walk as though you were on a fashion parade.
    • 1981, Sumner Locke Elliott, Signs of Life, New Haven: Ticknor & Fields, p. 96,[2]
      “Miss Green, I wonder, if you’ve time on your hands now, could you be coaxed into being in a fashion parade of which I’m chairman, at the Sherry Netherland next week? Jean de Perrault’s spring line.”
    • 2007, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Wizard of the Crow, New York: Pantheon, Section 2, Chapter 2, p. 138,[3]
      One [line] was made up of people in custom suits, standing stiffly and solemnly as if at a fashion parade; it reached all the way to the door.