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fat + -o- + -sphere; compare biosphere, blogosphere, etc.


fatosphere (plural not attested)

  1. The world or sphere of fat people.
    • 1997, Kenton Robinson, Dragomir Cioroslan, Banish Your Belly (page 1)
      These are two toppings that take pizza into the fatosphere.
    • 2010, Robert James Smith, Carrol Sue Perrino, Staying Beautiful is a BITCH!
      While the above obese woman is caught up in her own fatosphere there's her counterpart, the impossibly tall, thin woman with legs and thighs from here to heaven who is caught up in her own thinosphere []
    • 2012, Deborah Lupton, Medicine as Culture: Illness, Disease and the Body, page 75:
      The 'fatosphere' of fat activists now comprises many groups, several books and an untold number of internet blogs []