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fat +‎ shit


fatshit (plural fatshits)

  1. (derogatory) a contemptible fat person
    • 1975, Robert Klane, Fire sale, link
      At times Herma answered to the name of fatshit, pukeface, and lardass.
    • 1988, Dick Dunham, Fat Guys Don't Wear Stripes, link
      "Hey, fatshit," Tommy said.
    • 2007, Charles E. Merkel, II, The Girl in the Picture, link
      Mr. Fatshit is here, and we're living with him every day!
    • 2011, Bill Watkins, A Celtic Childhood[1], page 214:
      He came home all happy and now you've depressed the hell out of him with your fascists and fatshits and God knows what else! Jasus, what do you think yer on!”