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feature +‎ -wise


featurewise (not comparable)

  1. In terms of features (in various senses).
    • 2001, Leslie O'Kane, When the fax lady sings
      Featurewise, Tiffany and her mother were dead ringers, but Tiffany always did interesting things to her hair.
    • 2008, Tammy Plotner, The night sky companion: a yearly guide to sky-watching, 2009-2010
      Featurewise, the GGE 1400's C14 OTA is similar but not identical to the smaller Celestron tubes.
    • 1998, Walter Robinson, Tom Patchett, Most art sucks: five years of Coagula
      Featurewise, however, Artforum still sucks hard. Even publisher Knight Landesman told us at the Anna Kustera opening that Christopher Knight's incomprehensible piece on Johns was "an absolute failure."