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feed out of ‎(third-person singular simple present feeds out of, present participle feeding out of, simple past and past participle fed out off)

  1. To feed from
    • 1841, "Circles", in Emerson's Essays, 1981, page 213
      The new continents are built out of the ruins of an old planet; the new races fed out of the decomposition of the foregoing.
    • 1888, "The McAuley Process of Burning Pulverized Fuel", Science, vol. XII, no. 308, page 322
      The coal is fed out of the hopper by means of an ordinary screw.
    • 1891, Oscar Wilde, "The Birthday of the Infanta"
      They were quite tame, and used to feed out of his hands every morning.
    • 2000, Wolfgang W. E. Samuel, German Boy: A Refugee's Story, page 112
      Others had set up machine guns at each corner of the commons with bands of ammunition feeding out of steel boxes into the guns.