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to feel +‎ -er. From Middle English feler (to feel +‎ -er), early 15c. Animal organ definition from 1660s. Transferred sense of "proposal put forth to observe the reaction it gets" is from 1830.



feeler (plural feelers)

  1. (literally) Someone or something that feels.
    Are you more of a feeler or more of a thinker?
  2. (anatomy) An antenna or appendage used for feeling, especially on an insect.
  3. (figuratively) Something ventured to test another's feelings, opinion, or position.
    I sent out some feelers but they didn't seem interested.
    This survey is designed to get a feeler about how the citizens feel about the proposed new highway.
  4. (Philippines) Someone that assumes or imagines that one's affection is reciprocated; Someone that indulges in one's own wishful thinking; One who flatters oneself

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