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fēnus n (genitive fēnoris); third declension

  1. Alternative form of faenus


Third declension neuter.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative fēnus fēnora
Genitive fēnoris fēnorum
Dative fēnorī fēnoribus
Accusative fēnus fēnora
Ablative fēnore fēnoribus
Vocative fēnus fēnora


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    • to lend some one money (without interest): pecuniam alicui credere (sine fenore, usuris)
    • to lend, borrow money at interest: pecuniam fenori (fenore) alicui dare, accipere ab aliquo
    • to put out money at interest: pecuniam fenore occupare (Flacc. 21. 54)
    • the rate of interest has gone up from 4 per cent to 8 per cent: fenus ex triente Id. Quint. factum erat bessibus (Att. 4. 15. 7)
    • simple interests: perpetuum fenus (Att. 5. 21. 13)
    • compound interest: fenus renovatum
    • exorbitant rate of interest: fenus iniquissimum, grande, grave
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