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Latin ferrum (iron) + Latin equus (horse) + English -logy; from iron horse


ferroequinology (uncountable)

  1. (humorous, nonstandard) The study of railways in general, but especially locomotives.
    • 1993 December 5, J. Alan Septimus, “Re: altitudes (was Re: Engines (Re: Amtrak derails in Boise ...))”, rec.railroad, Usenet
      Anyone interested in Colorado ferroequinology, get yourself a copy of the DeLorme atlas. This shows the alignments of lots of old railroad grades
    • 1995 January 30, Glenn Laubaugh, “BRASS KEY”, rec.railroad, pdx.general, and or.general, Usenet
      The BRASS KEY...is the unofficial, unauthorized internet newspaper of ferroequinology (Latin: Study of Iron Horses) in the Pacific Northwest.
    • 1995 July 6, Paul Marsh, as quoted by Craig Symington in “Nebraska, Mosquitos, trains and girlfriends....”, bit.listserv.railroad, Usenet
      It has been well-established by the ferroequinology cognoscenti that train whistles cause a serious distubance among mosquitos, making them far less willing to strike their victims.

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  • Defined in The Aldrich Dictionary of Phobias and Other Word Families (2002)