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fetishistic +‎ -ally


fetishistically (comparative more fetishistically, superlative most fetishistically)

  1. In a fetishistic manner.
    • 2007 October 21, Michael Brick, “The Mafia, an F.B.I. Agent and Murder: Mr. Scorsese, Your Next Film Awaits”, in New York Times[1]:
      Fortunately, their nicknames give them away: All are figures associated with the Mafia, that fetishistically documented secret society responsible for long-ago crime waves, more recent cinematic masterpieces and, above all, an enduring modern marketing bonanza.
    • 2012, Gary F. Kelly, America's Sexual Transformation
      First identified in the early 1990s by Canadian sex researcher Ray Blanchard, autogynephiles usually grow up with masculine boyhood interests, eventually finding themselves fetishistically sexually interested in female clothes and female bodies.