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  1. simple past tense and past participle of film


filmed (not comparable)

  1. Covered with a film.
  2. (in compounds) Covered with a film of (a specified type or substance).
    • 1860, John Ruskin, Modern Painters, Volume V, Chapter X, “Leaves Motionless,” § 24, [2]
      No words, that I know of, will say what these mosses are. None are delicate enough, none perfect enough, none rich enough. How is one to tell of the rounded bosses of furred and beaming green,—the starred divisions of rubied bloom, fine-filmed, as if the Rock Spirits could spin porphyry as we do glass,—the traceries of intricate silver, and fringes of amber, lustrous, arborescent, 100 burnished through every fibre into fitful brightness and glossy traverses of silken change, yet all subdued and pensive, and framed for simplest, sweetest offices of grace.
    • 1888, H. G. Wells, “The Chronic Argonauts,” [3]
      White roses and daedal creepers, that Miss Carnot had first adorned the walls with, spread now luxuriantly over the lichen-filmed tiles of the roof, and in slender graceful sprays timidly invaded the ghostly cobweb-draped apartments.
    • 1923, D. H. Lawrence, “Pomegranate” in Birds, Beasts and Flowers, [4]
      Do you mean to tell me there should be no fissure?
      No glittering, compact drops of dawn?
      Do you mean it is wrong, the gold-filmed skin, integument, shown ruptured?



film +‎ -ed (possessive suffix)


  • IPA(key): [ˈfilmɛd]
  • Hyphenation: fil‧med



  1. second-person singular (single possession) possessive of film


Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative filmed
accusative filmedet
dative filmednek
instrumental filmeddel
causal-final filmedért
translative filmeddé
terminative filmedig
essive-formal filmedként
essive-modal filmedül
inessive filmedben
superessive filmeden
adessive filmednél
illative filmedbe
sublative filmedre
allative filmedhez
elative filmedből
delative filmedről
ablative filmedtől