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From filthy +‎ -ness.


filthiness (countable and uncountable, plural filthinesses)

  1. The property of being filthy.
    Synonym: dirtiness
    • 1613 April 3 (Gregorian calendar), Jos[eph] Hall, “An Holy Panegyrick. A Sermon Preached at Paules-Crosse, vpon the Anniuersary Solemnity of the Happie Inauguration of Our Drad Soueraigne Lord, King Iames, March 24. 1613.”, in A Recollection of Such Treatises as Haue Bene heretofore Seuerally Published and are Nowe Reuised, Corrected, Augmented. [], London: [] [Humfrey Lownes] for Arthur Iohnson, Samuel Macham and Laurence Lisle, published 1615, →OCLC, page 711:
      Yea, as yee loue your ovvne life, peace, vvelfare; Rouze vp your ſpirits, avvaken your Chriſtian courage, and ſet your ſelues heartily againſt the traitorly ſinnes of theſe times, vvhich threaten the bane of all theſe. Cleanſe yee theſe Augean ſtables of our drunken Tauernes, of our profane ſtages, and of thoſe blinde Vaults of profeſſed filthineſſe, VVhoſe ſteppes goe dovvne to the chambers of Death; yea, to the deepe of Hell.
    • 1701, Nehemiah Grew, “Of the Ends of Providence. And First, in this Life.”, in Cosmologia Sacra: Or A Discourse of the Universe as It is the Creature and Kingdom of God. [], London: [] W. Rogers, S. Smith, and B[enjamin] Walford: [], →OCLC, 3rd book, paragraph 49, page 102:
      The Deformity, and Filthyneſs of Svvine, make them the Beauty-ſpot of the Animal Creation, and the Emblem of all Vice.
    • 2020, Abi Daré, The Girl With The Louding Voice, Sceptre, page 274:
      Look at the filthiness of this compound!