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From finger +‎ tip.



fingertip (plural fingertips)

  1. The tip of the human finger.
    • 2007, Wikipedia:Thailand:
      The traditional Thai greeting, the wai, is generally offered first by the youngest of the two people meeting, with their hands pressed together, fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed to touch their face to the hands.
    • 2021 January 27, “Open Access: How to run a railway”, in RAIL, issue 923, page 38:
      They were all professional to their fingertips, knew each other very well, and knew their disciplines backwards.

Derived terms[edit]



fingertip (third-person singular simple present fingertips, present participle fingertipping, simple past and past participle fingertipped)

  1. (transitive) to move or deflect with the fingertips
    • 2011 December 29, Keith Jackson, “SPL: Celtic 1 Rangers 0”, in Daily Record[1]:
      Then Rogne released Forrest with a diagonal ball and the winger tormented Broadfoot again before blasting a shot which McGregor managed to fingertip over his bar.